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Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Living in my adopted country of France and learning and teaching languages daily, this blog features a collection of thoughts, observations and articles relating to France, Spain, Italy and Russia, as well as language learning tips.

A monthly theme with weekly challenges...

Each month will have a conversation theme and grammar focus for both French and Spanish, so for example this month might be using the imperfect tense in describe things you used to do when you were younger. At the beginning of each week that month (unless I'm achieving work-life balance by being on holiday!) I will provide perhaps 5 words of vocab related to the conversation theme, or 5 common verbs that you can practise putting into the appropriate tense during that week, and there will be links to more detailed resources, quizzes and learning tools to complement your learning and check your understanding.

General-interest items; culture, music, politics, history, literature, film and TV, factoids... Anything goes!

Check in here for items of general interest relating to the culture of the countries whose languages I teach. These could be anything I come across on a daily basis; a word-of-the-day, an item in the news, a song on Youtube, tips on opening a bank account in France, how to grow vegetables in your garden in Spain, a recipe for cheese soufflés, holidaying in Bretagne, cheese, tapas, wine, opera, theatre, writers, thinkers, films, technology, hobbies, jobs...

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