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Aiming to inspire and broaden minds by nurturing a spirit of inquiry into languages and cultures other than one's own.

Adventures in the worlds of languages and music!

Plantation French

French classes run from my home at La Plantation, Espéraza in the Aude valley, every Monday. I teach beginners to advanced students, with up to 8 participants per group


Spanish with Lire à Couiza.

Spanish lessons for beginners in association with Lire Couiza. Thursday mornings 11am. Bibliothèque, Couiza, Aude.

"Learning a language is a liberation from insularity" (National Curriculum, UK)

Learn with me...!

Languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and English as a Foreign Language (EFL).  
Vocal coaching (technique and interpretation) for beginners to advanced singers of any age across a range of styles and languages, developing a flexible, healthy and reliable technique.
Piano Lessons for beginner and intermediate students of all ages, responding to individual aims and piano-playing ambitions with the development of technique and musical literacy.
Lessons can be conducted in English, French, Spanish or Italian.
For details of teaching specialisms in each language see the information boxes below.
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Language learning "introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement"
(Mathew Arnold, poet and Schools Inspector in the mid 1800s)

French: my oldest language love!


I specialise in supporting KS3 and KS4 students in the UK to develop the key language and exam skills they need for GCSE, with a speaking focus.  I also teach 'A' level learners.

Living in France, my other key teaching focus is tailored conversational classes for intermediate to proficient students of all ages, geared towards the practical needs of daily life in France, business and travel purposes.

Residential Immersion courses are also available. See Prices and Packages for details

Spanish: los dulces sonidos me apasionan!


I focus my teaching on KS3 and KS4 learners in the UK, building confidence, developing the key language and exam skills required at GCSE, and addressing areas of weakness and misconceptions.

I love to keep my Spanish lingo alive with regular "chat pals" from Mexico. I have Spain on my doorstep, so I love to pop over the Pyrenees and soak up the Spanish sun at 'la playa', eat tapas, taste the olive oils, dance flamenco and salsa, sample the riojas and generally enjoy the vibes!

Italian: la lingua delle canzoni!


With Italian, I again enjoy supporting KS3 and KS4 learners, as well as adult learners with an interest in Italian culture and travel.

I went to Milan in my twenties, where I lived in a flat-share with Italians from Verona and Turin , studied singing, and got my first taste of tutoring by teaching English to corporate clients. Self-taught, my fluency in Italian outpaced my French for a while afterwards, as the simple sounds of this language trip off the tongue like music!

Russian: я вас любил, любовь ещё быть может...

St Basils Moscow.jpg

I offer a beginner's course in Russian, starting with the alphabet and pronunciation exercises, and developing basic vocabulary, grammar and "Russian for travel".


Russia is a much-maligned, fascinating country with warm and welcoming people. I lived there as part of my university degree, and Eugene Onegin was one of my favourite roles as an opera singer. I have developed a network of Russian friends here in France and still Skype-call occasionally with the son of the family I lived with in Voronezh.

"Sometimes it's a little better to travel than to arrive" (Robert Pirsig, Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance)


Interested in improving your language skills and/or making music? I'm not going to lie; these are both life-long adventures, requiring regular commitment and enthusiasm. But I'm here to accompany you on the next steps of your journey, to nurture your confidence and allow those skills to develop in a friendly, supportive environment so you can gain fulfilment and reward from your efforts.
Since 2018, I have enjoyed working with students from various backgrounds with a range of goals. See what some of them have to say...

"I did take in how much Molly was understanding from the audio clip. We talked about it afterwards and she was really positive about her abilities for the first time. I love the positive feedback you give her. So often she is fed the fact that she is disadvantaged because we talk English at home. At last it's a positive that she's bilingual - yahoo! Thank you." (by email from the mother of a Spanish language student studying for Baccalauréat)


Molly's mum

English as a Foreign Language

Trafalgar Sq.jpg

I first taught EFL in Milan in my twenties.  Experienced and TEFl qualified, I adapt my teaching to client needs, preparing students and professionals for exams and qualifications. The cultural dimension is important too, with music, film, literature, and politics up for discussion!


I love the richness of the English language, its word hoard laden with imports from French and German. (Yes, Latin too, but almost all its Latin came in through French!) Other cultures have also had their input:  bivouac, avatar, bungalow...  As for the fun of those pesky phrasal verbs, "play on, Give me excess of it..."!!

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